03 / May
03 / May
An Inconvenient Spring

The United States heads toward its coldest spring on record halfway through the season. I can't complain. The mercury creeped into the 70s in my locale yesterday. Parts of Colorado experienced a snowstorm, so it all evens out, I suppose. Obviously, other parts of the Earth may be experiencing weather quite different than ours. But it's just hard to maintain the position that the planet has warmed when as huge a landmass as the United States feels close to record cold. If global warming really had shifted the goalposts, then today's "cold" spring would be the equivalent of yesterday's average spring. Instead, today's cold spring is colder than almost every previous spring. It's certainly true that mankind influences the weather. Cities, for instance, retain heat with all their concrete, steel, and people. I'm just not so anthropocentric as to say that man plays a greater role in climate change than, say, that giant fiery sphere at the center of the solar system. I'm quite heliocentric in this alleged scientific debate. The other side embraces the geocentric model. Neither the science nor the history seems to be with the geocentric eccentrics.

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The Planet has a feverrrrrrrr!!!!

Posted by: Al Hore on May 3, 2013 09:45 AM
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