Next Stop, the Political Twilight Zone

A socialist leading the polls in Live Free or Die Land, the two past winners of the Iowa caucuses mustering less than three percent and no delegates between them, and a Bush and a Clinton facing rejection by the parties habituated to nominating Bushes and Clintons all indicate that politics as usual proves unusual over the next ten months. Read my article @ the American Spectator on how, on the eve of the New Hampshire primary, wins by the Gus Hall of the Green Mountain State and Don Rickles with worse hair confirm we have entered the political Twilight Zone. 

2015, Even Dumber Than 2014

Bruce Jenner shocked the world when he came out as a Republican but his medically aided act of contrition mitigated the public relations disaster. Understanding that we all live in a massive reality television program, Donald Trump keenly opted to run for president. Playboy regrettably clothed their models in a characteristic move to offend prevailing mores. White people insisted on their blackness, a horse deserved all accolades as the year's greatest sportsman, and nutters perplexed God and the goddess Isis by killing in their name. Read my article @ the American Spectator on how 2015 went down in history as even dumber than 2014.


The latest rehabilitation project for the late Senator Ted Kennedy who could have once (or twice or thrice) benefitted from rehab comes from Hollywood and it goes by the working title Chappaquiddick. Mark Ciardi, who registered a 9.37 earned-run average in the majors but enjoys a somewhat better record as a producer of sports movies, told the Hollywood Reporter of his forthcoming film: “You’ll see what he had to go through.” Read my column @ the American Spectator that wonders if the producer of Chappaquiddick knows that Mary Jo Kopechne was a “she”?

Demagogues and Their Demagoguing Detractors

The press calling a candidate a “demagogue” often speaks to the professional malfeasance of journalists, not politicians. The word signals that the professed devotion to objectivity and truth and fairness no longer applies. Read my article @ the American Spectator on how every Clark Kent toiling at the Daily Planet imagines himself Superman laboring to save the world.

The Rorschach Test in San Bernardino

The news networks aired a nationwide Rorschach test on Wednesday evening. CNNFoxMSNBC showed scenes of the aftermath of a mass-shooting at a Christmas party at a social-welfare center for the developmentally disabled in San Bernardino, California. Some viewers glimpsed Timothy McVeigh-types behind the mayhem at the government office. Others saw Muhammadans crashing the Christmas party. Read my piece @ the American Spectator on how the madness of mass shooters proves contagious to observers who reflexively project motives upon them.

Woodrow Wilson & the Campus Taliban

Progressives were for Woodrow Wilson before they were against him. A century after the Old Gray Lady twice endorsed Wilson for president, the New York Times joins Taliban types in calling for Princeton University to erase its association with its former president who became the president. Read my column @ the American Spectator on how the march of history moves so swiftly that yesterday’s progressive hero inevitably becomes today’s reactionary villain.

Bryce Harper, Memes (Pronounced Meh-Mays), and the Cool Kids

Bryce Harper became a meme because he couldn't pronounce meme. That's how the cool kids on the interne troll. Bryce Harper hit 42 home runs and played as an MVP at 22. Yet the pale, pasty, Barney Fife doppelgangers hunched over screens all day who obsess over Double Rainbow guy and tell Chuck Norris jokes and sing “Chocolate Rain” and tweet pictures of Gene Wilder with witty sayings attached imagine themselves cool. Read my piece @ Breitbart Sports on how the people obsessed with memes become them.

The West's Rude Houseguests

The Muslims terrorizing Europe this past week appear to combine the most degenerate qualities of Western Civilization with the most barbaric aspects of Islamic Civilization while inheriting nothing worthwhile from either ancient culture. This marriage of corruption and purity consummated in the Muslim enclaves around Paris, Brussels, and other European metropolises spawned a contradictory creature, the religious nihilist. Read my article @ the American Spectator on the Koran winning as the West continues to offer clubbing, cowboy hats, and KFC as its empty enticements.

Is There a Philosopher in the House?

“For the life of me, I don’t know why we have stigmatized vocational education,” Marco Rubio said in this week’s Republican presidential debate. “Welders make more money than philosophers. We need more welders and less philosophers.” Read my column @ the American Spectator on how we may indeed need greater numbers of welders we really need more welders who read philosophy.

None Dare Call Them Dudes

Grounded denizens of Space City rejected the spaced-out Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) on Tuesday by a 61-39 percentage margin. Immediately talk commenced among the rule-or-ruin losers of stripping the Super Bowl from NRG Stadium and shopping for a judge to issue a better verdict than the one handed down by the voters. The New York Times writes that transgenders “should take comfort in knowing that history will not be kind to the haters who won on Tuesday.” But, as my column @ the American Spectator notes, history--the recorded past rather than the imagined future--casts a "no" vote from the grave (provided no third "WTF" option) on the measure permitting males into the ladies' room. 


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