FlynnFiles Returns!

Reports of the demise of FlynnFiles, like those of an earlier literary giant, have been greatly exaggerated.
Welcome to the revamped FlynnFiles. Events beyond my control led to a nearly four-month hiatus. Two misfortunes hit FlynnFiles one after the other.
First, in mid-November, I could no longer access my own site through Movable Type. The same means by which I accessed the site since its origins in 2004 suddenly closed to me for reasons unknown. Several tech-savvy types had warned me to update to a newer version of Movable Type. I didn’t, and a calamity ensued.
Shortly after this debacle, the company that has hosted my site for the past seven years informed me that the site’s server neared the end of its existence. I had to move servers quickly or risk losing the site and its archives. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, efforts to transfer the old FlynnFiles to the new server failed to bring over the existing site. Essentially, this forced my hosting company to use the old site to attempt to construct a near approximation of the old one. Hopefully, the new site will experience some more renovations to more closely resemble the one left behind. My conservatism extends to website aesthetics.
So, here we are with a revamped FlynnFiles on a new server. The site’s archives, for now, remain offline and in storage. If we can restore them, we will. But a more likely scenario would involve reposting some of the best material from the first decade of FlynnFiles. The situation may not strike you as ideal. But the chances of the site’s survival appeared less than even a month ago.
Rebooting the site came at some cost to me. And since I’m in the business of writing and merely the hobby of blogging, the idea of losing more money to maintain a blog that has become difficult to update with a full-time writing gig devouring my time seemed an argument for ditching the site. But I’ve put more than a decade into building it. So, even with the events of recent months conspiring to destroy it, I decided to reinvest in the site and move into the future without breaking from the past.
In December of 2013, I took a job as editor of Breitbart Sports. The job is two. But it enables me to write for pay, break the occasional story, and attend big sporting events every month or so. I had the good fortune in 2014 to cover such varied events as Miguel Cotto-Sergio Martinez at Madison Square Garden, the events leading up to Super Bowl 48, UFC fights featuring the likes of Conor McGregor, Alistair Overeem, Jose Aldo, and Frank Mir, and the Only Game That Matters at Harvard Stadium. Atop this, I write a Friday column at the American Spectator that I hope you check out before departing work for the weekend.
So, if you’ve stuck with me through the recent inactivity here, I thank you. Hopefully, I will be able to reward you with new content (and old) in the days to come. "