Let Your Freak Flag Fly

My childhood impression held that the Confederate Flag stood for Lynyrd Skynyrd just as Southerners stood in unison for “Freebird” as their “Star-Spangled Banner.” They raised cigarette lighters in reverence to their anthem; Northerners placed hands on heart. They say Palmetto bug. We say cockroach.The propensity of Massachusettsans to glean anthropological understanding of the people on the map they look down upon by watching Deliverance and Mississippi Burning, rather than traveling below the Mason-Dixon Line, surely leads to some misunderstandings. But the reward of firsthand knowledge just isn’t worth the risk of forced sodomy on a canoeing trip or Klansmen stuffing one’s corpse in an earthen dam. Read my column @ the American Spectator on why not everybody who loves the Confederate Flag hates the NBA, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Tyler Perry movies.