The Grinch Who Stole Dr. Seuss

Do you delight in 10 Dr. Seuss books for free?

No way, this kid-lit Mein Kampf does not fit for me,

Or children at Cambridge public school’s library.

I will not let them read, refuse to let them see. 


The Lorax—those mustachioed ku klux kreatures,

And them yellow white supremacists the Sneetches,

Make checkout desk place for pulpit-pounding preachers

Trigger warning picture book that young minds bleaches.


How can hardback-lending, brain-bending First Mom argue

For infamous, kite-flying hatemonger Thing 2,

Aryan Nations poster girl Cindy Lou Who,

Or donut-dreaming pale-face David Donald Doo?


Card holders, Dewey dec’mal devotees—trust us;

Libraries not for reading but social justice.

Of people of color Brown Bar Ba Loots don’t fuss;

They suffer from a bad case of false consciousness.


Fear not bibliophiles to make St. Lawrence blush,

To the bonfire with your shelf of Dr. Seuss rush.

Brains become oatmeal, minds transformed to sloppy mush;

To all but ourselves, we librarians say “Shush!”